About Us

Skybox is an esports visualization, monitoring and analysis platform that is utilized by players, teams, tournaments and broadcasters from casual to professional level around the globe.

n. An elevated, usually enclosed private compartment for viewing events at a sports stadium.

Skybox co-founder Anders Blume is a professional CS:GO commentator and competitive player. Through his profession he experienced first hand the large gaps in player analysis, match based storytelling and the difficulty for non-players to engage with esports. He believed many inherent problems could be solved with better visualization and analysis tools and in 2017 he met a tech company doing exactly that. It was a perfect match! Soon after Skybox Technologies was established.

Skybox is led by Ethan Cooper, Kristoffer Soholm and Anders Blume. Skybox's HQ is in Copenhagen, Denmark with some of the team representing around Europe and Thailand.


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