8 Ballers Esports and their growth with Skybox

An amazing journey started for 8 Ballers around 6 months ago when they started using Skybox as their analysis tool

8 Ballers Esports and their growth with Skybox

8 Ballers Esports and their growth with Skybox

There are many ways of using Skybox to make sure that you grow and learn as a team. 8 Ballers from Australia is a great example of this. They started out as a CS:GO team back in the beginning of 2021, with the aim of promoting and developing amateurs to become as close to top level players as possible, with the right coaching and support. Through out the 6-7 months 8 Ballers exclusively used Skybox as a tool for demo reviews, analysis and tracking the team(s) progression.In the span of 6 months 8 Ballers went from playing in the open amateur divisions in Australia to now playing in the highest tier tournaments that is available in Australia. We had a chance to sit down and speak to Mohammad Tizani, coach for the CS:GO team at 8 Ballers and ask him some questions.

8 Ballers; their development and goals.

Mohammed provides a bit of insight into why Skybox has been a great tool to use to achieve the goals the team have: Our goals are to provide talented, passionate groups of players the necessary tools and support staff to succeed. With tools such as skybox, support staff in coaches, analysts and esports psychologists we aim to prove that success stories can be more commonly achieved. ​ Skybox has been an amazing tool to have at our disposal. Finding micro details in demos of the best teams in the world and implementing the theory into our game. The overviews and speed that you can repeatedly watch rounds is great. The portability is also amazing and we were able to use this tool at our bootcamp and on the road. ​


Development means more challenges and an increased workload.

Making the transition from amateur to playing at very competitive tournaments is quite difficult.

How did Skybox assist you guys, and why is it that it can be a very valuable tool for other teams in your situation? Teams that have a similar vision as the 8ballers CSGO roster will greatly benefit from using Skybox to analyse top tier competition and review their own demos to correct mistakes, understand gaps in your playbook and get an edge over your division.

What are the key areas that Skybox helps you at? The key areas Skybox helps us is finding the micro details, protocols and macro play in top tier competition. When analysing using Skybox it is much easier to identify these things and implement them into our theory. ​


There is a lot of challenges and areas that are important when developing an Esports team. Can you name a few that was key for 8 Ballers? Coaching, esports psychology and mentoring has also been a success factor. Having talented and passionate individuals are the ingredients and we are the chefs to cook it up.

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