CS:GO predictions at BLAST Premier Fall Final

Skybox unveils it's CS:GO prediction tool, showcased at the BLAST Premier Fall Final.

CS:GO predictions at BLAST Premier Fall Final

We teamed up with BLAST and Business Development company Copenhagen Capacity to showcase a CS:GO prediction application that we for a long time have been wanting to do. ​

It all began with an "AI Hackathon".

More than 373 participants from more than 20 different countries participated in the competition. Is it actually possible to predict the outcome of CS:GO rounds and matches? Algorithms were developed and the three winning teams were showcased during BLAST Premier Fall Final 2020. The result: an approximately 73% accuracy. The winning teams came from India, Slovakia and the United States.

Skybox Nuke with player paths

Further development of the prediction tool in 2021.

Moving forward, we will continue to develop on the concept and the idea, bringing in feedback from our fanbase. We were amazed to see how many participants were involved, which goes to show that the Skybox community is steadily growing. We are really excited to dig deeper into this amazing tool in 2021. These algorithms can be useful, within and outside esports. Our CEO, Ethan Cooper explains: ​

We are really excited about making the technology available to the broader CS:GO community next year (2021).

​ If you are interested in reading more, please go ahead and click here for the article brought in Esports Insider.

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