Customer story: Furious Gaming

Furious Gaming, one of the organizations with the longest history in E-Sports in Argentina.

Customer story: Furious Gaming

Customer story: Furious Gaming

Furious Gaming is an Argentinian Esports organization founded more than 10 years ago. They compete in many different gaming titles, however this interview has conducted with focus on CS:GO. Furious Gaming is currently ranked as #20 in South America, but they aspire climb the ladder in 2022.

We had the chance to have an interview with their CS:GO coach Pablo Paez (Xiguinilster), who told us about the teams achievements, the scene in Argentina as well as why Skybox has been a great tool for them to use the past 6 months.

Furious Gaming

What have been the main challenges for Furious Gaming with the entire COVID-19 situation in South America?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, most of the tournaments were online and the team had a considerably big presence among them. We participated in 31 online tournaments just in 2021 and 1 LAN; FireLeague 2021. At the online tournaments, the team had different experiences regarding rules, and tournaments’ requirements. We had to face situations in games in which the coach (me) could not be present with the team, not being able to make any changes due to the scoring system and, having to manage the talent remotely, which makes it even more difficult to change tactics. Nevertheless, with our participation in the first LAN tournament, the change of atmosphere after being more than a year without any on-site competition was gratifying and we enjoyed every aspect of it.

What is the CS:GO scene like in South America and more specifically in Argentina?

CS:GO in Argentina and South America

Pablo told us that the scene in Argentina since COVID-19 began, has actually seen an increase in competitions from low to high level, which allowed for an organic and competitive growth among teams. The scene has a lot of potential and growing visualization, but we need to be more structured and professional when it comes to tournaments organizations, teams, and players. The CS:GO scene in South America should be considered more by brands and tournaments. One of the biggest limitations is the economic factor and the inside reality of each country generating, in some situations, the loss of talent since players are not able to completely dedicate themselves to the game, which is creating a gap between South America and the rest of the world.

Furious Gaming

Skybox, an essential tool of Furious Gaming

Skybox is a tool that all teams and players that want to go far should be able to access. It allows us to exteriorize more than in a traditional demo from inside the game. Its simple use generates much more pedagogical dynamics in the training of players and teams. I recommend all teams and players to integrate this tool for a better evolution and understanding of CS:GO.

Finally, we asked Pablo what message he would give to players in Argentina and South America, if they want to succeed on the CS:GO scene.

To dedicate to the game, you need first to be committed to yourself since you will sacrifice many things to accomplish your goals. Constancy and effort, defeats talent. Being retrospective and emphatic are the main characteristic a player needs to become a pro player, if a player is professional in his mind, sooner or later the objective will be accomplished. – Pablo Paez (Xiguinilster).

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