Customer story: HAVU

HAVU, is the #1 ranked team in Finland and has used Skybox to perform tremendously in 2021.

Customer story: HAVU

HAVU Gaming is a Finnish e-sports organization, founded back in 2017 by current CEO Lasse Salminen. Their goal was to become the best Finnish CS:GO team and help the young Finnish talent along the way with support and guidance. Today, they are the #1 ranked team in Finland and currently ranked as #34 in World ranking (source: HLTV. 24.8.2021). Besides CSGO, HAVU has a top tier team in NHL and are looking to expand into other game titles moving forward.

We had a chance to ask HAVU coach Taneli Veikkola (disturbed) a few questions regarding the CS:GO scene in Finland as well as how Skybox has helped them with an impressive (so far) 2021.


Finland and the challenges with the growing CS:GO community.

For some time, Finland has experienced a growing interest in E-Sports, in particular, CS:GO. However, Taneli explains that there has been an issue with how the players could potentially move from casual gamers to a competitive level: “Finland has always had a big player-base but the biggest problem we have is the lack of structure. Most people just play for fun without a goal and that’s why things have looked a bit grim for the past few years”.

HAVU focuses on using national players on their roster, and do their very best to all the time scout for new and upcoming talents. This means that casual players with talent, now can aim to play for teams such as HAVU. HAVU is dedicated to help and support the CS:GO community in Finland, and as the best team in Finland, this is a great way of showing young talent that there is something to aim for. ​

Higher performance with Skybox.

2021 has been a great year for HAVUs CS:GO team. Since early 2021 HAVU has been using Skybox to help them along the way. Taneli on Skybox and why it has been essential to the teams performance: “We’ve used Skybox a lot for preparing for officials and to see where we went wrong in the rounds we lost. We use it daily to make sure we aren’t doing things wrong and to fix miss plays before those plays become a habit”.


Why teams should use Skybox.

There are several benefits for teams, when using Skybox compared to different tools. Teams that want to develop and play more competitive as well as professional teams can use Skybox for different reasons. Taneli explains: “It’s a lot faster to use than CSGO’s demoui. You can watch like five demo’s in the same time in Skybox than one in CSGO demoui. Also you can speed-run through the demos if you want to see patterns by certain players you might face in the different sites”.

Want to know more about HAVU Gaming? Go check them out!

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