ICL - a small, but dedicated organization with multiple purposes

ICL is an organization with members dedicated to help one another add value to the CS:GO communities in Ireland.

ICL - a small, but dedicated organization with multiple purposes

The Irish Challenger League, also known as ICL is an organization with dedicated and involved individuals from all over Ireland. Skybox and ICL collaborated on a 24-hour charity event running from the 5th to the 6th of June 2020. Moving forward, Skybox and ICL has formed a partnership, hoping that the collaboration will help the CS:GO scene and communities in Ireland grow. I had a chance to sit down with Adam Conway, head Admin of ICL for a chat and ask a few questions.

ICL and how it all started

What is ICL and how did it all start? ​ The Irish Challenger League (ICL) is the central hub for all things Irish Counter-Strike and has had multiple iterations over the years. Started as a passion project by Fletcher and DeanJB over IRC in 2016 in the form of the Irish Pugging Service (IPS) it has grown to become a whole lot more. Over the last year, as Irish Counter-Strike grew in the university scene especially, ICL took off in the hands of a large staff team and frequent tournaments with prizes. Prizes for each season were put up by staff members and community contributions, whereas prizes for tournaments were made up of entry fees. ​ All of the staff members have been active in the Irish Counter-Strike community for years, and all of us are extremely passionate about the game and the community that has followed it. We all want the game to grow in Ireland and we are doing everything that we can for it to, especially because as we’ve demonstrated, the community that we have nurtured and grown over the last year especially is capable of doing so much more than just playing video games. We know that our community is passionate and caring, and that’s why we knew we could organize and pull off a 24-hour charity event.


A 24-hour charity event for a good cause

You guys decided to do a 24-hour charity event for a good cause. Can you elaborate on why this decision was made and what charity you chose? ​ The charity we chose was Focus Ireland, and the reason for that is because of the current housing crisis in Ireland. According to Focus Ireland, in April 2021, the number of homeless families had increased by 232% since July 2014, which is when the Irish government began publishing homelessness figures. ​ As Focus Ireland also points out, these are the “official” homelessness figures - the organization reports that there are large numbers of young people who do not count as “homeless” in the eyes of the government, but nevertheless do not have a home to go to. In April 2021, there were 925 families accessing emergency accommodation, and in 2019, Focus Ireland provided support to over 14,000 people across Ireland. It can be extremely difficult to find a place to call home in Ireland at times, and people can be searching for weeks, months, and sometimes even years to find suitable accommodation to live in. ​ The housing crisis is a situation near and dear to many of our community members’ hearts, and given the Irish community’s support for this event, it is absolutely something we will want to do again in the future. If we can leverage our community for good, then we’ll be looking for every opportunity to do so. ​


More than €3.600 was raised during the event and a bit over 4.000 people were watching. Impressive.

Partnership with Skybox

What kind of value does a partnership with Skybox present to ICL and what does this mean for you as an organization moving forward? ​ A partnership such as ours with Skybox helps to give a unique spin on our event and provides new content that others may not have seen before. Furthermore, it encourages players to get involved, and can even help to raise the skill ceiling of the overall community in Ireland. A higher skill ceiling means greater competition, and the potential for Irish players to eventually compete on the global stage. There are many passionate voices in the Irish Counter-Strike community, and Skybox helps give them the tools to be heard. ​ ​

Additional information

ICL is open to anyone who lives on the island of Ireland, or who lives outside of Ireland but is Irish. Players from other regions can also be vouched for by an existing Irish player in order to join and play in the hub. ​

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