The growing CS:GO scene in Peru

The CS:GO and the Esports scene in Peru is booming, and we thought it would be very interesting to ask Juan a few questions.

The growing CS:GO scene in Peru

We had the chance to sit down (online, of course) with our partner in Peru, Juan. Juan has a massive network in Peru, and he now is leading the charge in setting up events all over Peru with big companies such as Claro and Logitech G behind him. The CS:GO and the Esports scene in Peru is booming, and we thought it would be very interesting to ask Juan a few questions.

Juan aka BassKnockin

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved in Esports and what your dreams are moving forward with Esports/CS:GO in Peru. ​ I’m Juan Yepez known as Bass Knockin. I am a teacher and CS:GO caster. I got involved in Esports from I was 14 years old. I played CS:GO and Call of Duty back then, due to personal things I stopped playing, but still had the idea of returning to Esports someday. I started streaming a couple of years ago; different content from RPG games to adventure games and so on. ​ One day I saw an add about a tournament called Lightspeed Cup by Logitech G. This tournament was looking for amateur casters to broadcast their CS:GO games for some months in order to win some tools to become a better caster. I won and from that moment on my career as a caster started to grow. I participated as a caster for Claro in an event called MassGamers. In addition to this I kept working with Logitech G in different events. ​ Nowadays, I help Logitech in tournament management and streaming. As to the dreams I have, the chance to have the opportunity to produce or broadcast a Major made in Peru and have the opportunity to interview top players and team managers from around the world.


The development of the CS:GO scene in Peru.

How has the CS:GO scene developed in recent years and what trends are you experiencing? ​ In Peru when you hear the word Esports many people refer to Dota 2 as a popular game. There is a big community, however during the past year the CS:GO community has started to grow. Many people have started to host community tournaments to produce new talent and there’s a pro league circuit we have in our country. However not all the teams are able attend it due to the level. ​ Since we started our lockdown due to COVID-19 many Peruvian players started to play CS:GO again and that was kinda a push for many brands to start supporting events and tournaments. Nowadays, there are many amateur leagues and tournaments in our country which are sponsored by very important brands such Logitech G. ​ In regards to the number of viewers we have in CS:GO, I have to say that the number has increased dramatically during these past two years. Many people cheer for different teams now; anything from amateur to pro and that’s a great thing to develop a CS:GO community in Peru.

Skybox in Peru

How do you think Skybox can potentially help the CS:GO scene in Peru to grow and help players to reach a higher level of gameplay? ​ When I first saw Skybox it was live on Intel Master’s, I was amazed by the power of the tool and how easy you can analyze games you played in or other teams played. There were some teams aware of this tool but it was kind of hard to get into the Early Access stage, so that’s why I decided to reach out to you guys. I thought it would be very helpful and interesting to introduce Skybox to the Peruvian players and teams. ​ Skybox can not only help players and teams with an amazing software, but furthermore Skybox can provide knowledge to players and teams regarding worldwide tournaments and organization. I would be nice to see Skybox uniting the CS:GO Peruvian community with the international community due to the contacts SKYBOX has with other pro teams, tournaments and events around the world. ​ Skybox in my opinion is not only a software to analyze matches and track down data from players, but more importantly a platform that the Peruvian teams and players can use to achieve the dream to become pro players and tier 1 teams. ​ ​

Additional information

For the last event in Peru, where Juan used Skybox, more than 93.000 were watching, an event sponsored by Logitech G. ​

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