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A unified platform

Combine match and performance insights via our webportal with deep links directly into key match moments ready for review in Skybox 3D.

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Net worth

% rounds with high / mid / low team worth, in $.

Economy deficit

Lost equipment / armor re-purchase / post round loss.

First half
Second half

Economy Overview

Regulation round economy.

Nuke Win Rate

322 matches

Inferno Win Rate

123 matches

Nuke Win Rate

216 matches

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Team Liquid


  • Skybox 3D software
  • Analytics portal
  • FACEIT & Steam integrations
  • Create and Join teams
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  • Full suite of Skybox tools
  • Team analytics portal
  • Auto sync matches
  • Team and Multi-team management
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Live Events & Broadcasters

  • Full suite of Skybox tools
  • Cinematic camera paths and animations
  • Real-time match visualisation and content creation
  • Real-time analytics
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