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  • Skybox 3D software
  • Analytics portal
  • FACEIT & Steam integrations
  • Create and Join teams
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  • Full suite of Skybox tools
  • Team analytics portal
  • Auto sync matches
  • Team and Multi-team management
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Live Events & Broadcasters

  • Full suite of Skybox tools
  • Cinematic camera paths and animations
  • Real-time match visualisation and content creation
  • Real-time analytics
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Andre Matuszak

Wolves Esports COO

With the replay tool, we’ve been able to identify mistakes, find and showcase solutions in a more efficient way.

Team Liquid

Features overview

Premium€4 p/m
€3.50 p/m Paid Annually
Skybox 3D Software

Analyse matches with a full suite of tools

Analytics Portal

Review your stats and gain insight with Skybox's unique metrics

Match Management

Organise your matches via tags, annotations & filtering

Saved Replays

Watchable replays in Skybox 3D

Recent Replays

Most recent watchable replays in Skybox 3D

Original DEM file storage

Store & download original demo files for playback in the CS:GO client

Coach/POV Demos

Watch coach & POV demos in Skybox Software

Steam & FACEIT synchronization

Automatically process replays from Steam & FACEIT servers


Create or join a team to gain team based features

Skybox 3D Professional

Cinematic camera paths, animations & screen mirroring

+€40 p/m

Have questions?

Can I use Skybox for free?
Yes! You can use both our Skybox Lite and Team Lite accounts free of charge. There are no hidden fees or sign up period.
Is Skybox only for professional players?
No. Skybox is meant as a platform for everyone who plays or coaches CS:GO. We have professional teams as well as casual gamers using it. Skybox can improve and help your game, no matter what level you play on.
Can I cancel my subscription renewal at any time?
Yes, we allow you to make changes to and cancel your subscription at anytime.
What subscription options do I have?
At Skybox you can either sign up for 1 month or 12 months. The 1 month subscription is a rolling membership, where you every month pay the same amount. The 12 month subscription comes with a substantial discount, which is also the most popular one.
Can I upgrade my subscription?
Yes, if you're enjoying Skybox but would like to access more features, you can upgrade your subscription at any time.